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MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Root-ster , 2021, Solid Leather Cord

MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Boonana, 2020, Croc Embossed Paper, Bonded Leather, Nylon Thread

MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Nucleus 1, 2020 Solid Leather Cord, 11 in x 5 in x 8 in

MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Mie Mohmi , 2020 , Croc Embossed Paper, Bonded Leather, Nylon Thread

MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Dah Paraahs-eye-t, 2020, Solid Leather Cord, 11 in x 8 in x 7 in

MIA WRIGHT-ROSS:  Dah Ruut, 2020, Solid Leather Cord, 12 in x 9 in x 9 in





MIA WRIGHT-ROSS: Waddie-Jeffrey , 2021, Croc Embossed Paper, Bonded Leather, Nylon Thread


Mia Wright-Ross is a leather artisan who focuses on works in sculpture, tapestries, and lifestyle tools. Wright-Ross created MWR Collection, LLC., a design atelier specializing in leather crafting, to revive the necessity of the artisan in the design space and to educate future designers and artists in luxury processes.

In addition to being the founder and creative director of MWR Collection, Mia Wright-Ross is an adjunct professor of Shoe Design & Construction at Parsons The New School for Design, a full-time design consultant, and was the Museum of Art & Design's 2020—21 Artist Fellow. Her client list includes J. Cole, Solange, Robert Glasper, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Issa Rae. Her work has been published in American Craft Magazine, Footwear News, Harper’s Bazaar, Ebony Magazine, and Vogue.

She has worked as a designer in the Footwear & Accessory Industry for over eleven years and began expanding her works in sculptural art in 2018.


VISITOR CENTER proudly announces Provenance, an exhibition opening April 15, 2023, that will feature works by Sophia De Jesus-Sabella, Soull Ogun, Patricia Orpilla, Sagarika Sundaram, and Mia Wright-Ross. Provenance will present contemporary artists who engage craft materials and traditions to consider intertwining notions of materiality, lineage, and identity.


The ownership history of an art object, or provenance, is often recorded by cultural institutions in an effort to qualify an object’s authenticity or value. This practice frequently treats an object as its own entity from its completion to the present, separate from its creator, as it travels between places and amongst collectors. Recontextualizing the idea of provenance, this exhibition will encourage a broader application that centers and celebrates the layered histories and influences inherent to an object by re-engaging the agency of both the artist and the viewer.

The contemporary artists represented employ traditions, materials, and techniques associated with craft. This commonality is not coincidental, as craft media – including the weaving, metalsmithing, felting, and leather artisanship on view – are intrinsically rich with memory.

To observe any artwork is to activate it with one’s own interpretation; with craft media, the artwork is distinctly loaded with tactile connotations, historical applications, generational techniques, and material associations. Provenance thus presents works that are bolstered by their pasts, the identities of their creators, and the associations unearthed in the viewer.

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