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LODGERstudio + Clay Jordan: FORTRESS/FOMENT*, 2015 - 2023, Archival Print

LODGERstudio: White Goods Moon Double 2

2023, Paper on linen, dry pigment, 12 ó X 12 ó X 2 ó

LODGERstudio,Lazarus Dream 2, 2023 , Paper on linen, giclée print, dry pigment, finished in Hahnemühle archival varnish, 16 1/2x 16 1/2 x 3 ó in

LODGERstudioFolded River 3, giclée print on Barcham Green Handmade paper, 16 1/2x 16 1/2 x 3 ó in

LODGERstudio: Field Dressing #09/ 2023, Mixed Media on Barcham Green Paper/Mounted On Linen * 16" X 18"

LODGERstudio*My Love, The Boatswain [Tomb Coordinates for M.W.]' , 2023, Sepia, Offset, Whatman Filter Paper, Raw Titanium, Scale Upon Request





LODGERstudio:White Goods…Lazarus Maps, 2023, Silverpoint, titanium, oil on paper, size variable 

A Research Project by LODGERstudio

Leon Johnson is an artist and chef based in Newburgh, NY. He works collaboratively in multiple mediums, in the collective conjuring of sacral enclaves.
He started the creative space LODGER in 2018, hosting dinners, private events, and operating as an innovative classroom, kitchen lab, and new model for community engagement. LODGER was named Best of the Hudson Valley for Communal Dining (Hudson Valley Magazine, 2021).
Johnson’s studio work is focused on works on paper and the potential for the form of the book. He designs and produces intermedia performances including dinner events, short films, and installations. His work has been performed and exhibited internationally. He is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for Painting, Fellowships from Yaddo and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. He won the Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Williams Fellowship for Distinguished Interdisciplinary Teaching at the University of Oregon, and was the 2014 Martha Daniel Newell Distinguished Scholar at Georgia College.
Recent publishing through LODGER Press includes a pamphlet edition, Unknown Soldier, by Lucy Sante (Fall 2018), and a forthcoming monograph, Lost Wit: Recovering The Life and Work of Mathew Roydon, by Charles Nicholl.


Visitor Center announces FIELD DRESSINGS FOR LAZARUS, a LODGERstudio project, spanning 25 years of research and development.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of field dressing, involving the preservation of hunted game and the utilization of field dressings in combat triage, the exhibition serves as an interzone for the negotiation of the undead claims of the past and the newborn demands of the future.In the Visitor Center Laboratory, this project proposes a site for the forensic analysis of memories [of which we have no moral purchase] and a questionable abundance of double-entry receipts. A few selected bone shards, but no satisfactory solutions. No bodies, except for Lazarus—what remains are echoes and longing, dereliction, alterity, and conjured familiars as company and crew.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 1, 4-8 pm

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